Kinnls Evan 2.0 Massage Chair

Published on 26 October 2023 at 05:25

One of Our Favorite Premium Luxury Chairs

Ergonomic Fully Reclining Office Chair Genuine Leather Executive Office Chair with Footrest Adjustable Tilt Back Angle and Arm 

 Evan's Massage Office Chair: So, Evan's got this super cool chair that massages you! It's got 7 massage points, 3 strength settings, and 9 different modes. Feeling stressed from work? Just switch on the massage and let it work its magic on your muscles. The backrest? Three parts to give your waist, back, neck, and head just the right amount of support. And that curve? It's like a hug for your spine!

 Spin and Tilt: You can twirl this chair 360°. Need it a bit higher or lower? Adjust away! And if you're feeling the recline, you can tilt that back from a straight-up 90° to a super chill 155°. The cool thing? There's this knob on the right to tweak the lumbar support. So, find what's comfy and lock it in!

 Footrest? Yes, Please!: This chair's got a footrest that you can whip out whenever you want! Slide it back in when you're done. You can even lay back like you're on a beach lounger (but, you know, at work). It’s pretty handy for those quick breaks.

Leather Alert: This isn’t just any material; it's cowhide leather. Strong, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy! It's got padding that'll make you feel like you're on a cloud, especially since it's kind to your legs, back, and hips. Fancy up your space whether it's your home or the office with this luxe chair.

 Sleek Design: Think of it as if a modern lounge chair and an old-school swivel chair had a baby. It's stylish, comfy, and will make any space look good.

Safety First: This chair's got the green light from ANSI/BIFMA & SGS. That means it's safe and sturdy. The wheels? Smooth as butter and won’t scratch up your floor.

There you have it, the lowdown on Evan's chair! It's available at Amazon i'll leave a link below.